Archive Cinema City 2014.

National Class up to 785 cm3

Nacionalna klasa do 785 cm3

Genre: Comedy
Country: Yugoslavia
Year: 1979
Duration: 105 min

Director: Goran Marković
Scenario: Goran Marković

Cast: Dragan Nikolić,Bogdan Diklić,Gorica Popović, Rade Marković, Aleksandar Berček, Olivera Marković, Mića Tomić, Voja Brajović, Bora Todorović

Programme selection: Respect to... Zoran Simjanović


The hero of this comedy is Floyd, the driver of a Fiat racer. He is a typical young man from the suburb of Belgrade whose passion-racing-consumes all his time and money. His parent’s dream is for their son to “quiet down” and start to live “like a human being”. Floyd`s dream is to move from the National class into a higher one. In order to do that, he has to win at the Saturday race. In order to win, he has to “arrange “a million things from new tires to postponing entering the army. In “arranging” all this he in fact creates new problems for himself and his circle. With his driving goes the behavior of “the great lover“, so that Floyd creates unresolvable romantic as well as automotive predicaments.

Music: Zoran Simjanović