22/05/2010 06:09

National Class presents “Flashback”

Within competition selection National Class visitors at Cinema City Festival will have an opportunity to see “Flashback” by young director Aleksandar Jankovic. Screenwriter for the film is Dusko Premovic, also starring in lead role. The film tells a story on laughter and tears and corresponding reactions of the world around us.

Produced by Gnezdo Film House, “Flashback” is done in black-and-white technique. The goal was to create a film which will speak on consequences of the crisis and difficulties Serbia went through in the last 15 years, but without moralizing, judging, justifying or passing blame.

The story follows a man who, after being released from prison, tries to return to his life and establish a normal relationship with his daughter who hardly recognizes him. However, as soon as he comes back, he realizes everything has changed. The wife started living with his best friend and his daughter moved out of the house. They go in search of her but the problem is she doesn’t want to be found.

Aleksandar Jankovic was born in 1978 in Belgrade. He is a graduate for a diploma at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at department of film and television directing. During his studies he made a short film “Point”, which participated in numerous festivals such as Sarajevo 2005, Short Film Festival 2005, and Golden Night Film Festival in Moscow 2006. “Flashback” is his graduate film.