19/06/2014 05:23

National Class: Diversity of ideas, contents and form

This year’s National Class selection will screen eight current domestic films, and present one world premiere, and two national premieres. The awards will be presented by an international jury comprised of three accomplished professionals. The Industry programme, which is unique to this festival, will hold the National Class conference on June 25, which will be dedicated to the burning issues of the national cinema.

The seventh Cinema City will start on Saturday, June 21, with a music warm-up. The official opening of the festival will be at Arena Cineplex, on Sunday, June 22, with the long-awaited national premiere of Mina Đukić’s directorial debut, The Disobedient, which has already been screened at some of the most reputable international film festivals such as Sundance and Rotterdam IFF. The Disobedient will compete with five other films from this selection. On Thursday, June 26, at 20h (Arena Cineplex), you can attend the national premiere of Nemanja i Branislav Bala’s Love Hunter, which will be screened out of competition. Szabolcs Tolnai’s Strange Forest will have its world premiere at Cinema City, on Wednesday, June 25, at 20h (Arena Cineplex).

Also competing for the awards is So Hot Was the Cannon, by Slobodan Skerlić. This film explores the life of a boy in besieged Sarajevo at the beginning of the 90s. Another to compete is Nymph, a horror film directed by Milan Todorović, and written by Barry Keating, Milan Konjević, and Marko Backović. This film discovers unexpected dark force that resides beneath the foundations of the Mamula Fortress. 

The Undertaker, directed by Dragan Nikolić, and written by Dragan Nikolić and Jovana Nikolić, shows how we live and work for the future we want, while our lives pass us by. Love Isn’t Always on Time, directed by Ivan Stefanović and written by Milena Depolo, brings us the story of the wedding of a successful young attorney with an unknown Belgrade girl, which will incite strong reactions all around. Military Academy 2 will be screened out of competition. Directed by Dejan Zečević, who also wrote the script with Gordan Mihić and Boban Jeftić, this sequel continues the story of the class of cadets, whose adventures won the hearts of millions.

This year’s choice of films for the National Class represents a variety of contents and forms, bringing together art-house, horror, music, romantic drama and documentary. This corresponds with the very nature of the festival, where “all these different forms of music and film live together, and where fiction and documentary, short and feature, domestic and foreign go hand in hand, in harmony with the clearly defined vision of nurturing the diversity and quality as the basic criterion” – says Milan Stojanović, programme director of the festival.

In addition to the Grand Prix, Cinema City will present the awards for best directing, screenplay, actor, actress, cinematography, and editing, pursuant to the opinion of the three-member jury, which is, according to Milan Stojanović, comprised of “film devotees who, we believe, will be able to help introduce our films abroad; therefore this selection serves not only as a competition, but also to showcase our films”.

Loïc Magneron is the founder of WIDE, a leading independent sales company currently representing more than 20 new features films every year and a library of more than 700 films. Through decades of experience in the field of film art, Loïc Magneron occupied some very influential spots in reputable French and international organizations working in film and audiovisual domains. Three years ago he set up Eye on Films, a new business model supporting the circulation of first feature films and their commercial exploitation all over the world. Raymond Phathanavirangoon is a film producer and international film festival programmer who is currently an official delegate for Cannes Critics’ Week and Programme Consultant for the Hong Kong International Film Festival. He has been on the jury at festivals such as Berlin, Sarajevo, Vladivostok, Antalya, Cinema One and others, and at other important functions of film organizations. Peter Stumbur has spent the last four years as part of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, one of the largest and most distinctive film events in Northern Europe that belongs to the 50 leading film festivals of the World. One of the festival programmers as well as editor of one the festival newspapers, Stumbur also promotes film art amongst the youth and school teachers, for the purpose of educating the future audience.

In addition to presenting a cross-section of current domestic production, Cinema City works on its improvement and development, by providing space for discussion and networking of filmmakers, as well as debates on important issues in domestic cinema. This year’s Industry programme, which is a distinctive feature of Cinema City, will comprise two panel discussions of the National Class conference, set to take place on June 25 at the Gallery of Matica Srpska. Diversity of domestic film production is set to start at 11h. Director Boban Skerlić, writer and screenwriter Nebojša Romčević, producer Miroslav Mogorović, director Andrijana Stojković and producer Marko Jocić, will reflect on the diversity of contents in domestic film production, and different type of funding and film production. Panel discussion on joining the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe is set to start at 15h. The special guest of this panel discussion is Dag Asbjørnsen, representative of the Creative Europe. This discussion will also be attended by Jelena Mitrović, Miroljub Vučković, Siniša Juričić, as well as the representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Once again, we would like to remind you that tickets will be pre-sold by June 16-21 at Gigstix (12, Kralja Aleksandra St, Paris warehouse), from 10-18h on work days, and 10-15h on Saturday. During the festival (June 22-28), tickets will be sold at Gigstix until 15h, and after 16h at each location. Ticket price is 150 dinars. Screenings at Amstel Open Air cinema will be free of charge. This also applies to the opening and closing music events.

The special screening of Lives Worth Living, Music is a Universal Language from the Planet Rock selection, and Reconstructions from Up to 10,000 bucks selection will be free of charge.

The proceeds from ticket sales for the screenings of When Father Was Away on Business, Plum Juice, Balkan Express, Guardian Angel, original screenings of Cutie and the Boxer from [email protected], Twenty Feet from Stardom and LCD Soundsystem: Shut Up and Play the Hits from Planet Rock, including the repeat screening of High Performance from the Fresh Danube Films selection will be donated to charity.