Archive Cinema City 2014.

My Craft

Moj zanat

Genre: Documentary
Country: Croatia, Serbia
Year: 2014
Duration: 72 min

Director: Mladen Matičević
Scenario: Mladen Matičević

Cast: Arsen Dedić

Programme selection: Planet Rock


If you mention Arsen Dedic’s name, anyone would think of all the extraordinary songs he has written which have been carved in our memory, lots of poetry books, they’d think of charming bohemian which has been a constant in our lives for a long time.

As it often happens with the great artists whose work becomes a part of collective consciousness, he exists in two parallel universes. First one is the world of the greats where Arsen is Krleza or maybe Ujevic of the pop music, matching Dylan or Cohen, but even more charming and wormer than any of them. The second universe is Arsen himself, regular next-door guy, trying to steer his one lie, a life which has become bigger than himself.

Producer: Vera Robić – Škarica