07/05/2009 13:36

Аmorosa Soledad

Argentina, 2008, 85 min.
Director: Martín Carranza, Victoria Galardi
Cast: Inés Efron, Nicolás Pauls, Fabián Vena, Ricardo Darín
Awards: Youth Jury Award, San Sebastián International Film Festival, 2008.

Visitors of Film and Media Festival Cinema City will have the opportunity to see a romantic comedy called Amorosa Soledad as a part of NEW LATINO CINEMA selection. The film is about an edgy girl, who decides to live three years in seclusion after being dumped by her boyfriend. However, being a hypochondriac, Soledad soon meets a man she likes and who she can trust. Things get more complicated when her ex calls her up and suggests to get back together. She has in her imperceptible and unusual world, her mother who is concerned about her but talks to her only by phone, as well as her father whom she rarely sees.

Martín Carranza has worked as an assistant director on over twenty films by recognized directors, including Alejandro Agresti, Fabián Bielinsky, Sergio Renán, Carlos Saura and Juan Taratuto. In 2006, he directed a short film Puertas adentro. Victoria Galardi writes scripts for the theatre, cinema and television. She co-wrote the screenplay for Puertas adentro with Martín Carranza. Amorosa Soledad is their first joint feature.