Archive Cinema City 2014.

Moonless Summer

Leto bez meseca

Genre: Fiction
Country: Serbia
Year: 2014
Duration: 31 min

Director: Stefan Ivančić
Scenario: Stefan Ivančić

Cast: Isidora Marković, Jelisaveta Karadžić, Matija Ristić, Stefan Đorđević

Programme selection: Up to 10.000 Bucks

Budget: 1000

Novi Sad premiere


Before moving abroad, sixteen-year-old Isidora spends a few days at her childhood countryside house. Lost in the summer’s stillness, she fears the impending changes...

Stefan (1985) is a Master’s degree Film directing student at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade. His films explore the theme of brotherhood and unity.

Filmography: Leto bez meseca / Moonless Summer (2014), 1973 (2014), Soles de primavera / Springtime Suns (2013), Sekundarna sirovina / Scrap Material (2012).