13/05/2010 03:09

Mohamed Al-Daradji as a producer

Within Democracy selection and a special programme dedicated to the work of Iraqi director Mohamed Al-Daradji, visitors will have an opportunity to see a short drama called “My Name Is Mohammed”. The film follows a boy, Iraqi refugee, who lives in Jordan and makes his living cleaning shoes, thus supporting his widowed mother and younger sister. Nine years old Mohammed dreams of being a normal child but instead he works as a shoe cleaner on the streets of Amman where he tries to earn enough to acquire medicine for his mother and put his sister through school.

“My Name Is Mohammed” is made in cooperation of thirteen Iraqi and eleven Jordanian students in Amman, shot within three weeks, in September 2008. Mohamed Al-Daradji was a producer. The film was supported by Royal Film Commission - Jordan and French Ministry of Culture while the production was done by “Human Film” production company from UK and Iraq Al-Rafidain” from Iraq. Working on this project enabled students to receive specialized studies under guidance and mentorship of film professionals, all multiple winners, from Europe, USA and Greater Middle East.