14/05/2009 13:50

Members of the Funeral / Jang-rye-sik-ui Member

South Korea, 2008, 99 min.
Director: Baek Seung-bin
Cast: Byeol Kim, Myeong-shin Park, Ha-bok Yu
Selection: EXIT POINT

Unusual black-humour drama Members of the Funeral by Baek Seung-bin, will be shown in the main competitive selection Exit Point at Film and Media Festival Cinema City.

The film shows a family gathered at the funeral of a seventeen-year-old boy. No one knows each other's relation with the deceased. Those who are present are also the main characters of the novel the boy wrote before he died. Looking back at their memories everyone is thinking about their dark secrets.

Jun-ki seems as an average middle-aged man. He is a basketball team coach at college. He spends most of his time with a player who is young enough to be his son, but their relationship, which is somewhat twisted, is far from a simple father-son relationship. Jeong-hee is a rather bizarre literature teacher in high school. She dreams of becoming a crime-story writer, like Agatha Christie. One of her students, Hee-jun, undermines the works by Christie and in that way attracts attention of a strange teacher. A-mi is a high school student who works as a mortician. When she met the deceased boy for the first time she noticed a big scar on his wrist, a reminder of his rough childhood. Spending time with those who were present, the deceased boy got inspired to write a novel called Members of the Funeral. After he had written it, unfortunate boy gave his first prose work to them, and then he committed suicide...

Baek Seung-bin was born in 1977. This young director has proved his skills in editing, as well as in writing screenplays successfully.