11/06/2008 13:31

Marko Kostic’s Movie in National Class Selection

Serbia, 2005, 78 min
Direction: Marko Kostic
Cast: Milica Spasojević, Stefan Lazarević, Milica Mihajlović, Andrej Šepetkovski, Goran Radaković
Selection: National Class

National Class program presents the visitors a movie by Marko Kostic called Princ od papira (Paper Prince). The movie is based on Kostic’s many times awarded short movie with the same name. As a short movie, Paper Prince had lots of success with both critics and audience. In 2005 it was named the best short domestic movie in 52nd Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival.

In the same festival, the movie won a prize for direction, and special award “Jovan Aćin“, given by Ministry of Culture, the Association of Film Artists, and RTS. Paper Prince was on the shortlist for best Balkan film, in the Festival of Short Film in Drama (Greece), and it was shown with success in twenty more international festivals worldwide. After experienced success, the film crew decided to make an important step further, to screen additional fifteen minutes of material, which made equally successful long feature film.

Paper Prince shows an eight-year-old girl Julia who, left home alone, lets Nikola, an unknown man who does a questionnaire, enter her flat. He sees this as a perfect opportunity for an easy theft. However, although young, Julia is a “serious player”, and she successfully stops his intention. Afterwards, Nikola befriends with the extremely pleasant girl, and in return, childishly naïvely, she gives him her father’s passport and mother’s earrings. Soon, this Julia’s friendly gesture brings her family in danger, and she, with help of her best school friend, Pegi, and her remarkable grandmother Ema, goes seaching for Nikola…

The movie extraordinarily depicts the exciting period of emotional and intellectual growing and maturity, analyzing the importance of a healthy family relations for a proper child development. The movie also shows how the grown-ups can learn from the young because everybody often makes similar mistakes in moral decisions about right or wrong.

Paper Prince was written after the screenplay by Vladislava Vojnović, the author of a children novel with the same name, published in 2008.