22/05/2009 18:25


Austria, 2008, 83 min.
Director: Klaus Händl
Cast: Julia Strauhal, Julia Gchnitzer, Florian Eisner, Isolde Ferlesch
Awards: Best First Film, Locarno International Film Festival, 2008
Selection: BALKAN BOX

At Cinema City Film and Media Festival, as part of BALKAN BOX/SFF HIGHLIGHTS selection, the drama March (März) by director Klaus Händl will be presented. It is a story about an unusual suicide of three young men from a little town in Tirol and about their mourning families who try to continue with their lives after the great tragedy. The young men kill themselves in a car by suffocating from gas which came in through a connected hose to the exhaust pipe. Although months later, the families of the deceased men try to return to normal life, the burden of sorrow and confusion, and the feeling of emptiness threaten the possibility of such a return.

Klaus Händl was born in Austria in 1969. The film March is his first creation which he has directed. In 2008, his début film won the significant award called Best First Film at Locarno International Film Festival.