06/06/2008 02:27

Madonna’s Movie at the Premiere in Cinema City Festival


Filth and Wisdom, the debut movie by pop star Madonna has its premiere in Cinema City Festival that takes place from 14th to 21st of June in Novi Sad. The story about problematic life of artists in London is going to be shown in Planet Rock, the music films selection, in the open-air cinema in Katolicka Porta.

Madonna’s movie where she is the screenplay writer, debuting director, and the executive producer, caused a huge interest in this year’s Berlin Festival where it was in the competition for the best debut movie in Panorama Specials Program.

The story follows three young people living in London and trying to make their dreams come true, while doing various pathetic jobs. The main character, Andrij Kristijan – A.K., a Ukrainian immigrant, a poet and a self-proclaimed philosopher, dreams to become a world star. He and his band called Gogol Bordello try to achieve this by playing a unique style of Gypsy punk. Christian, played by the actual frontman of Gogol Bordello band, Eugene Hutz, lives with two girls, a beautiful ballet dancer, Holy, who works as a striper to survive, and Juliet who works as a pharmacist and dreams to go to Africa and look after hungry children.

Madonna says that she wanted to capture a part of the uncompromising impulse of the young, talented people who believe they can make a success. “One of the issues I explore in the movie is the struggle of the young with difficulties, and when I think about the beginnings of my career, I can remember those hard moments as if it was yesterday”, says Madonna. She adds that she has always been inspired by the movies by Godard, Visconty, Pasolini, and Felini and that she hopes that one day she will direct something close to their generousness.

The cooperation with Gogol Bordello band, about which the movie is actually about, began with their joint show on London Live Earth concert where they performed Lela Pala Tute, a song from the Carpathian Mountains. It should be mentioned that Gogol Bordello are going to present themselves to this year’s Exit Fest audience.

Although she has just debuted as a director, Madonna has recently presented her second movie I Am Because We Are in Cannes Film Festival. It is a documentary about people with AIDS in Malawi, where she adopted a child in 2006. In addition to her movie, Lou Reed, Neil Young, Patti Smith, Sex Pistols, Joy Division and more music stars are going to be on big screen in Cinema City Festival.