Archive Cinema City 2014.

Love Hunter

Genre: Musical
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Duration: 86 min

Director: Nemanja Bala, Branislav Bala
Scenario: Nemanja Bala, Branislav Bala

Cast: Milan Mumin, Jelena Stupljanin, Eleanore Hutchins, Michael DeNola, Annika Peterson, Rosina Fernhoff, Chase Coleman, David Ilku, Martin Ewens, Adrianne Frost, Bob Marlowe, Luther Isler, Aziza Stamper, Renne Gjoni, Alexa Grbac, Robert Green

Programme selection: National Class

Out of competition


Love Hunter is the story of Milan Mumin, a larger-than-life frontman of a hugely influential Serbian band Love Hunters who, during the nineties, galvanized young generations fighting an oppressive regime. Ten years later, Milan is in New York City, driving a taxi to pay for his first American album. Milan takes us on a bumpy ride as he rides all over NYC picking up a motley crew of passengers to scramble money for his recording. He loses a bass player and has to sift through New York musicians until he finds a promising replacement - and a romantic spark in a free-spirited female bassist. Just as the rehearsals start picking up steam, Milan’s longtime Serbian girlfriend arrives with very different plans for their future.

Original language: English, Serbian
Subtitle: Serbian
Producer: Nemanja Bala, Branislav Bala, Bogdan George Apetri, Biljana Ilic, Fay Ann Lee
Production co: Love Hunter Film, LLC.

Love Hunter Trailer from Branislav Bala on Vimeo.