03/06/2008 03:53

LJUBAV I DRUGI ZLOČINI (Love and Other Crimes) on the Premiere in Serbia in Cinema City Festival


A movie by Stefan Arsenijević, our director nominated for the Oscar, Ljubav i drugi zlocini (Love and Other Crimes) is going to be shown on its premiere in Serbia in Cinema City Festival that takes place from 14th to 21st of June in Novi Sad. After Berlin Panorama and participation and awards in many world festivals, domestic audience has a chance to see the first movie that has a reserved evening for it and to greet the crew on the ceremonial premiere in Serbian National Theatre.

“I wrote the screenplay with Srđan Koljević and Bojan Vuletić, based on a true story I read in a newspaper. A woman, only to turn forty, stole a lot of money and disappeared from the country for good. I was wondering what could make her do such a radical cut, because there is no tuning back after such a move”, director Stefan Arsenijević says.

The movie follows the last day of the main character, her farewells with friends and everyone who has made her life, who she sees for the last time, they not realizing this. She gives them some things, tries to help them in their lives and to tell them all she has ever wanted but could not, and she plans little revenges to some. Based on that single day we see how her whole life has looked like. And to make things more complicated, a young man appears, considerably younger than her, and tells her he is in love with her. After this, their relationship develops, and she has to decide what to do by the end of the night.

The main characters, Anica and Stanislav are played by Anica Dobra and Vuk Kostić, and the great acting assembly is made of Feđa Stojanović, Milena Dravić, Zoran Cvijanović, Anita Mančić, Ivan Jeftović, Ana Marković, Hana Svamborn, Juko Išikura and many more.

Simon Tanšek, the director of photography who photographed the majority of Slovenian new wave, film editor Andrew Bird and set designer Volker Schaffer who worked on The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain, reveal a completely different image of New Belgrade, where the story goes.

“The movie deals with the issue of emigration and how difficult and complex is to leave everything that has made your life and start a new one somewhere else. There is also a question about the life here, today, between two worlds, in a vacuum called transition. I tried to depict all this through a love story whose basic moods are nostalgia and melancholy. Above all, this is a story about people” the director and co-screenplay writer summarizes.

With Ljubav i drugi zlocini (Love and Other Crimes), Stefan Arsenijević won the prize of the city of Wiesbaden in goEAST Festival for the best direction, Kadilac Award for best direction in 12th International Film Festival in Sofia, and among the numerous festivals that called him are Lintz, Edinburgh, Chicago, Karlovy Vary, Seville, Warsaw, Haifa, Verona, Lisbon…

 For short movies, Arsenijević has won more than 30 national and international recognitions, including two Golden Medals Belgrade, Golden Bear in Berlin, an award by European Film Academy, as well as a nomination for an Oscar.