Archive Cinema City 2014.

Lives Worth Living

Genre: Documentary
Country: USA
Year: 2011
Duration: 54 min

Director: Eric Neudal, Alison Gilkey

Programme selection: Special Screenings

Free entry.


This documentary is a window to the world inhabited by people with unyielding desire to live their lives like everyone else and a passage to the past when millions of people lived without access to schools, residential buildings, public transport – a way of life unimaginable for today’s generations. The film follows the development of consciousness of people who realized they had to work together if they wanted to change the world. With demonstrations and battles for laws, the community fighting for the rights of disabled ensured equal human rights for all people. Thanks to their effort, tens of millions of people’s lives have been changed. This is the essence of oral history, told personally by mythic heroes of the movement, and it is clearly illustrated by use of archive footage.

Original languahe: English
Subtitle: Serbian, English
Producer: Eric Neude, Alison Gilkey
Production co: Independent Television Service(ITVS), Storyline Motion Pictures


Alison Gilkey: Independent Lens (2011), Lives Worth Living (2011)
Eric Neudel: Independent Lens (2011), Lives Worth Living (2011), Fred's Roman Holiday (2010)