Archive Cinema City 2014.

Life is

Život je

Genre: Documentary
Country: Montenegro
Year: 2013
Duration: 25 min

Director: Vladimir Perović
Scenario: Vladimir Perović

Cast: Villagers of Cuce region

Programme selection: Up to 10.000 Bucks

Budget: 9000

Regional premiere


Regions of the karsts offer little to man. Any present offered by such a nature is precious, since it means the life. It seems an extreme effort is always required from man. A kind of experimental documentary, the film offers six examples of the coexistence between man and karsts. An arable, barely room-sized, will give him back the potatoes. A wild tree engrafted promises pears. Bee colony fugitives will be brought home, as well as the sweet honey. Infrequent mountain grass will feed the cattle. At few, remote, quite surprising places, as a miracle, the indispensable water may outflow. Finally, a man from the karsts has one more need: to communicate…

Vladimir Perović (1955) graduated film and TV directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. His creative documentaries have been screened at some of the most renowned festivals accross the globe, winning 84 awards and recognitions. As a free artist, Perović worked for a number of production companies in Serbia and Montenegro. He is currently employed as an editor, screenwriter and director of his documentaries at the Documentary Department of Radio-Television of Vojvodina in Novi Sad. He is a visiting professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje and a member of AFUN (Serbian Academy of Film Art and Science) and UFUS (Association of Film Artists of Serbia). He is the selector for the documentary selection at the Montenegro Film Festival in Herceg Novi, Srem Film Festival in Ruma, and co-selector for Beldocs in Belgrade. He lives in Belgrade, but his films take him across Serbia and Montenegro.

Filmography: 2 & 2 (2013), Life is... (short doc. 2012), Život, priključenija i održivi razvoj jednog kokota (2011), Zvezdana prašina (2011), Da bude svetlost (2008), Žeđ kamenog mora (2007), Dim (2006), Koraci (2006), Nestajanje (2003), Mali kvar na mojoj sjajnoj zvezdi (2001), Ljubav, zavet (2001), Ura (2000), Sin (2000), Allegria (2000), U/dešavanje glasa (1997), Saga o Samuraju i Glibu (1992), Kuća (1989).