Archive Cinema City 2014.

Life Almost Wonderful

Живот Почти Прекрасен

Genre: Documentary
Country: Bulgaria, Belgium
Year: 2013
Duration: 85 min

Director: Svetoslav Draganov
Scenario: Svetoslav Draganov

Programme selection: Fresh Danube Films


The Liliev brothers share a surname but don’t seem to have anything else in common, not even a father. They got it from their mother Lily, who is no longer alive. The eldest brother, Alexander, is a hairdresser who likes wearing makeup and taking part in hairdressing contests. The middle brother, Bozhidar, has chosen to live as a monk but finds it difficult to adhere to his vows. The youngest - James - is a macho type of guy who wants to be a TV star and is planning to marry his girlfriend. It’s been five years since their mother passed away and the last remaining family bond they share is an estranged grandmother, their mom’s mom, who they barely know. In an emotional revelation she talks about the men’s youth, her always absent daughter and the hardships they all have been through and continue to face. Alexander, Bozhidar and James try to find their place in the world and despite choosing different paths to go along, surprising as it may seem, manage to stick together. The world might sometimes be cruel to them but they consider life wonderful. Happiness is still out of reach but not more than a hope away…

Original language: Bulgarian
Subtitle: Serbian, English
Producer: Svetoslav Draganov
Production co: Paul Pauwels

Filmography: Ako imate problem (short, 1999), Noshten Magazin (TV, 1999-2001), Tova sum Az i nikoi drug (short doc. 2000), Jivotat e prekrasen, nali? (doc. 2001), Vodni Duhove (short, doc. 2002), Sblusak (TV, 2002), Veselite Momcheta (doc. 2002), Mladi Sarca (doc. 2003), Novite Hrani (doc. 2004), Samodeici (doc. 2005), Maiki i Dashteri (short, doc. 2006), Citizen Can (doc. 2007), The Great Bulgarians (TV Series, 2007), Kaji mi kakvo e vselenata(short, doc. 2007), The Big Red (TV, 2009), The Ky Ky Reloading (TV, 2009-2010), Decata na Drujbata (doc. 2010), City of Dreams (doc. 2011), Malki Istoni (short, doc. 2011-2013), Life Almost Wonderful (doc. 2013)