14/08/2017 06:32

Learn More: Interesting Academic Programmes on the Gradić Fest Agenda

In addition to the film repertoire and our traditional film sections, Cinema City will also carry out numerous additional academic programmes within the Gradić Fest. These programmes are designed both for professionals and for the public – kids included!
Primary schoolers will have a chance to take part in “Small film”, a film workshop aimed to stimulate creativity and curiosity among children,Cheap Replica Watches  and above all to provide them with the essential tools for developing a critical approach to audiovisual contents. Practical exercises, in which children are invited to independently come to their own conclusions, are the best way for them to acquire knowledge and be able to apply it effectively, while games carefully designed for this purpose have the power to displace them from the position of passive viewers and encourage a constructive reflection on the filming process. This intensive interactive workshop gives children an chance to develop original stories and short films, which will intuitively "draw" them into the world of moving images. This workshop will be hosted by a Belgrade organization “Filmkultura”. The call for “Small film” participants will be announced soon.

Another event which will be organized as part of the festival is the international training within the framework of an Erasmus project “FeeLMS for Creativity” co-financed by the European Union, which will bring together 30 youth workers from Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Serbia, to exchange good practices of how we can use creative industries to facilitate work with youth. The participants of this training are united in the belief that we need to introduce a genuinely innovative approach to youth work, which will combine the methods and experiences from the cultural sphere with those from creative industries and youth entrepreneurship. During the seven days of the training, the participants will learn from Replica Watches one another, network, share their experiences, and develop joint projects. They will also have an opportunity to be the guests at our festival and gain first-hand experience in the creative industries, while enjoying cinema, music, and other festival contents in the evening hours. The Call for Participants closes on August 13 at midnight!

Apart from the above mentioned educational activities, MEDIA Desk Serbia will hold an info session for film professionals devoted to the MEDIA Programme of the European Union. The MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe promotes the growth of the European audiovisual and multimedia industries, by supporting the development, distribution and promotion of European feature, animated and documentary films and TV series. It also endorses new media contents, encourages the professional development of film specialists, supports advances in innovative technologies and platforms for distribution of audiovisual contents, provides opportunities for film festivals and stimulates audience development. Events such as this one are a unique opportunity to present the Creative Europe Programme, and serve not only to educate the potential users about the programme and its mechanisms, but also to increase its visibility among young audiovisual professionals.

As part of the MEDIA info session, in cooperation with the French Institute, we will present a platform aimed at establishing a new partnership between French and Serbian specialists in the field of cinema and audio-visual production. This presentation will offer domestic film professionals a chance to learn about a meeting organized by the French Institute in partnership with the Film Center Serbia and Auteur Film Festival, which will bring together a multitude of participants and experts from the world of film. The meeting is scheduled for November.
Since the Gradić Fest takes place in Podgrađe, the ancient nucleus of the Petrovaradin fortress, a conference devoted to the traffic in the Petrovaradin Fortress will be convened. The major question that the conference, titled “The Traffic in the Petrovaradin Fortress in the Context of Time / Past, Present, Future”, poses is: what kind of Podgrađe do we want? This colloquium, hosted by Suburbium, will open up discussions on the feasibility of relocating vehicular traffic through Podgrađe, and the models of limited car access for the Podgrađe inhabitants and users. Other issues on the conference agenda are bicycle path planning, the possibility of introducing golf carts as internal communication vehicles and success stories from the Danube regions about the units with similar landscape characteristics, which have been transformed into tourist and cultural centers.
Do join us on these programmes at the Gradić Fest!