15/05/2008 17:47

La Sangre Iluminada in New Latino Film Selection

Mexico, 2008, 104 min
: Iván ávila Duenas
Cast: Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Joustein Roustand, Enoc Leano, Flor Payán, Jorge Zárate
Selection: New Latino Film

La Sangre Iluminada, an unusual psychological drama with fantastic elements, made by many times awarded Mexican director Iván ávila Duenas, is going to be shown in New Latino Film Selection .

Six heroes tell a strange life story that connects them all. Under the influence of an unusual mathematics phenomenon, on the place of the crossing of unusual coordinates, their life energies gain the ability to move from one body into another.

When a coordinates’ crossing occurs, one of the characters experiences unbelievable transformation, during which the participants of this unusual mutation create a network made of collective memory and experience. Together, they try to understand the phenomenon that is happening to them, gradually getting in touch with each other through various objects, messages, and collective memory.

The movie is basically a psychological drama about loneliness of the human being, and about man’s desire to survive, and not to be isolated.

Iván ávila Duenas was born in 1965, in Mexico. He graduated on Communications at Universidad del Valle de Atemajac. His first movie Adam & Eve from 2003. brought him three awards and a nomination. La sangre iluminada is second movie. Before working on movies, he was known by directing and screen play writing of short movies.