16/08/2017 05:18

Kiro Russo’s “Dark Skull” Part of the 360° Selection

At this year's International Film Festival Cinema City, which will be held as part of the Gradić Fest, we present “Dark Skull”, a Bolivian drama directed by Kiro Russo.

The story unfolds around emotionally unstable and problematic Elder, who is sent to live with his grandmother in Huanuni, a town in the heartland of Bolivia. When he arrives in Huanuni, Elder constantly embarrasses his godfather Francisco, skipping his work so he could drink alcohol and smoke weed. However, his misbehavior will lead him to a dark secret about Francisco’s involvement in the death of his father. Recorded mostly in the depths of the mine, in cooperation with the mining trade union, this elegant and formally bold film by Kiro Russo utilizes an ambitious structure and beautiful cinematography to express shades of meaning and look at the professional ethics of mine workers.