06/06/2008 04:43

Katolicka Porta Projections Timetable


The timetable for projections that are to be shown at Katolicka Porta is following:

(you can see the timetable here)

Saturday, June 14

21:15 Otporan na smrt / Death Proof, Quentin Tarantino, 114 min, SAD, 2007.
Premiering in Serbia, The Best of Horror

23:15 Planeta terora / Planet Terror, Roberto Rodriguez, 105 min, SAD, 2007.
Second movie from Grindhouse project, The Best of Horror

Sunday, June 15

21:15 Prljavština i mudrost / Filth and the Wisdom, Madonna, 61 min, UK, 2008.
Madonna’s direction debut, Planet Rock

23:15 Nije kraj / Will Not StopThere, Vinko Brešan, 112 min, Cro/Srb, 2008, rerun.
The movie that officially opens Cinema City, National Class

Monday, June 16

21:15 Sita peva bluz / Sita Sings The Blues, Nina Paley, Premiere, 82 min, SAD, 2008.
Best animated movie of the year, Animatrix

23:15 Balast / Ballast, Lance Hammer, first rerun,, 96 min, SAD, 2008.
Best film of Sundance Festival 2008, Exit Point

Tuesday, June 17

21:15 Persepolis / Persepolis / Persepolisi, Vincent Paronaud, premiere, 95 min, France, 2007.
Many times awarded animated film, Animatrix

23:15 Šangajski trans / Shangai Trance, David Verbek, first rerun, 100 min, Holland, 2008. Entirely different picture of modern China, Exit Point

Wednesday, June 18

21:15 Živi i mrtvi / The Living and The Dead, Krisijan Milić, 87 min, Croatia, 2007.
Best Croatian film of the year, Balkan Buster

23:15 Peti Smit: San o životu / Patty Smith: Dream of Life, Steven Sebring, Premiere, 109 min, SAD, 2008.
A portrait of the cult rock star made for more than ten years, Planet Rock.

Thursday, June 19

21:15 Nisam tu / I’m Not There, Todd Haynes, premiere, 135 min, SAD, 2007, Planet Rock

23:15 Veština negativnog mišljenja / The Art of Negative Thinking, Bard Breien, first rerun, 79 min, Norway, 2006.
Hillarious comedy awarded in Karlovy Vary, Exit Point

Friday, June 20

21:15 Pusti pravog unutra / Let The Right One In, Thomas Alfredson, 114 min, Sweden, 2008, first rerun, Exit Point
The winner of Tribeck Festival.

23:15 Na lepom plavom Dunavu / The Beautiful Blue Danube, Darko Bajić, Serbia, 2008, National Class

Saturday, June 21

21:15 Ljubav i drugi zločini / Love & Other Crimes, Stefan Arsenijević, 106 min, Serbia, 2008, first rerun, National Class

23:15 Pesma vrabaca / The Songs of Sparrows, Majid Majidi, prva repriza, 96 min, Iran, 2008, Exit Point
A new movie by renowned Iranian director.