16/05/2009 03:02

KATIA’S SISTER (Het Zusje Van Katia)

The Netherlands, 2008, 85 min
Director: Mijke de Jong
Cast: Betty Qizmolli, Julia Seykens, Olga Louzgina, Rogier Schippers, Chico Kenzari, Tatiana Sharkova, Ian Bok
Awards: Golden Calf - Best Screenplay of a Feature Film, Golden Calf - Best Supporting Actress (Olga Louzgina), Netherlands Film Festival, 2008.
Nominations: Golden Leopard, Locarno International Film Festival, 2008; Golden Calf - Best Director, Best Editing, Best Film, Best Supporting Actress, Netherlands Film Festival, 2008.
Selection: EXIT POINT

Major topics in films by Dutch director Mijke de Jong are social problems. In the awarded film Katia's Sister, through an intimate portrait of a thirteen-year-old girl, Mijka de Jong depicts high expectations of Russian emigrants as well as reality in which those expectations are fading away.

Running away from such a reality, Lucia seems strange, but her sister Katia starts to think of her as an intellectually inferior being. They are immigrants from Russia who don't manage to fit in the life of Amsterdam and to reach living standards they wished for. Mother turned to prostitution and her older daughter Katia also joins her way of life. Little Lucia adores her older sister, but despite that, under the circumstances, she becomes more lonely, with no one beside who she could share her feelings with. Although her environment is too harsh and emotionless, she condemns nobody. Lucia continues to see the world through her innocent eyes and to retreat into herself denying everything, even her real name.

Mijke de Jong was born in 1959 in Rotterdam. She has successfully directed nine feature films, which have brought her participation, nominations and awards at numerous international film festivals.