Archive Cinema City 2014.


Genre: Experimental
Country: Slovenia
Year: 2013
Duration: 49 min

Director: Matjaž Ivanišin
Scenario: Matjaž Ivanišin, Nebojša Pop-Tasić

Programme selection: Fresh Danube Films


It was about 1970, at the peak of the Yugoslavian "Black Wave" when the young filmmaker Karpo Godina decided to travel with his camera through the flat hinterland of Vojvodina. As village was linked to the village, an unusual road movie emerged. The multi-ethnic character of the region was translated into a wide variety of faces, languages and customs. The title: Imam jednu kucu (I Have a House). Unfortunately, as time passed, only a few fragments of this original film were preserved. Forty years later, another filmmaker embarks on the same journey with his camera through this flat landscape in the footsteps of the young Karpo Godina. With fragments of the original material, using Super-8 and suitable folk music, a film in dreams emerges.

Original language: Slovenian
Subtitle: Serbian, English
Producer: Djordje Legen
Production co: Studio Legen

Filmography: Che Sara, short documentary (2002),Quick view, short fiction (2005), My Little Sweethearts, middle lenght fiction (2006), Šentilj-Spielfeld, a Border Crossing that once was, middle lenght documentary (2009), Karpotrotter, middle lenght documentary (2013)