11/05/2009 16:02


Turkey, 2007, 100 min.
Director: Uygar Asan
Cast: Sezgin Cengiz, Ayşe Bayramoğlu, Tolga İskit
Selection - TRIBUTE: Contemporary Turkish Cinema

In the TRIBUTE: Contemporary Turkish Cinema selection, visitors of Cinema City festival will be acquainted with a creation by a famous Turkish poet, screenwriter and director Uygar Asan. Film Shell (Kabuk) by this author presents an emotional film portrait, a sincere story about an unusually withdrawn young man.

Burhan works at the post office - his job is to classify letters according to addresses. He lives alone. His mother and sister died, and his father is ill and senile, spending the rest of his life in a clinic.

Burhan likes a girl, however he has never personally revealed his feelings to her. He has his own, special way in which he wants to build this relationship. Despite the troubles he faces, Burhan continues his way thanks to a letter, which was not intended for him. He decides to pretend he is someone else using the letter. But, where will that decision lead him? Will he manage to break the shell he lives in by his new, unusual behaviour? Will he finally break free from his isolated life?