27/05/2015 07:58

Jarboli at the opening of the Cinema City festival

70 films and 7 concerts during 7 festival days

During the Cinema City festival – from June 29 to July 5 – the audience will get a chance to see 70 films and attend 7 fantastic concerts. The new creative district will be brimming with an uncompromising, young sound and good vibes. All those who are, or feel young will get to choose between hard sounds and dance hits, performed by some great music artists and bands: Jarboli, Threesome, Stray Dogg, Iskaz, Zemlja gruva and DJs Flip & Rasheed, who are, just like their film colleagues, shaping the domestic and regional music scenes.

The eighth edition of the Cinema City International Film Festival will be held under the motto In the right place at the right time, meaning in the new creative district comprised of China Town and Limanski Park in Novi Sad, from June 29 to July 5. As before, the visitors will get to enjoy rich programme primarily dedicated to the burgeoning film and music scenes. In line with its new programme focus, the music portion of the festival will also focus on young music artists and professionals who will take turns on the Planet Rock Music Stage in China Town.

Jarboli, one of the most exciting bands in Serbia, will perform at the Cinema City opening. On Monday, June 29, following the official opening of the festival, the visitors can expect an “exciting and neurotic rock’n’roll experience”, which is how Boris Mladenović, a member of the Jarboli band described their gig. Although their music career is over twenty years long, Jarboli got their rightful place at the very opening of Cinema City. Their joy, enthusiasm, energy, positivity and consistency are calling us to love, laugh, and rely on each other, but most importantly, they’re calling us to activism, wishing to shake us up, which is exactly how their concert gigs usually transpire, with people dancing and holding each other.

A peculiar California beach mood will be brought to Novi Sad and China Town on June 30, when you can expect to hear a new Serbian combination, Threesome, and their explosive surf punk sound. The following day, the melancholy mood and sound of Americana, which dominates the Serbian music scene and continues to attract an increasing number of musicians and enthusiasts, will spread across the entire China Town on July 1. One of the forerunners of this scene is an indie-folk band, Stray Dogg, which Dukat Stray, singer, writer, and songwriter, formed in 2011. This young band had only several months of practice and two recordings before they became unstoppable, and they are sure to stir some long-forgotten emotions.

Thursday is the “new Saturday”, which is why July 2 will be a perfect day for a good gig. Through their socially engaged lyrics, Iskaz, a young cross-over band from Serbia, will share with us their views and opinions, taking us through a powerful mix of Hip Hop, Rock, funk, and dubstep ragga. Friday, July 3, is an introduction into the electronic sound of Baseline, a team dedicated to new trends in the alternative electronic sound and culture. DJs Flip & Rasheed will perform as part of the Future Sound of Danube project.

The weekend at Cinema City will be a dance weekend, so do not miss this opportunity to have a great night out. Make sure to mark Saturday, July 4, for Zemlja gruva, with “dance until you drop” being the only requirement. Following the excitement of the award ceremony, the vocal and instrumental ensemble Vis limunada will revive the atmosphere of European festivals and Rivieras, and late 1950s and 1960s, which were immortalized in such films as La Dolce Vita, Bonjour Tristesse and Ljubav i moda. Vis limunada will express without nostalgia, but with fervour the excitement of early pop tunes, rock, and beat music that will find its place in this modern international festival and the echoes of powerful but gentle sounds of the burgeoning young music scene.

Owing to the programme dedicated to young film and music artists, we will get to witness the creation of a new history of world cinema and new stars of an exciting music scene.

See ya @Cinema City 2015 – In the right place at the right time