23/06/2011 14:07

Jan Schomburg delighted Cinema City audience

This year’s novelty selections, Nobarcode, 360° and Hungry Days are definite favourites with the audience of Cinema City! One of the biggest hits this year is “Above Us Only Sky”, Jan Schomburg’s debut film. Fully packed Katolicka porta greeted the director after the screening and talked with him about the film long after the credits rolled.

A repeat screening today, at Arena Cineplex, hall 2, was an equal success. The audience confirmed him as their favorite and in return, the author delighted them with his charisma and sense of humor. Thank you for being here, on this sunny weather! You must be a little crazy also, for not going to the beach. But thank you!  – Schomburg said, smiling, while the audience applauded him.