22/08/2013 06:53

Israeli director Eran Riklis – guest at the Cinema City festival

This year’s International Film Festival Cinema City will officially open on Monday, August 26, and will last until September 1. Over 130 films will be screened in eleven programme selections. This year’s selection Respect to… is dedicated to Israeli director Eran Riklis, who is also a guest at the Festival. The retrospective was supported and made possible by the Israeli government, which for years now has been active in supporting all projects and cultural activities that promote Israeli culture.

This programme selection will screen four films: “Cup Final”, “The Syrian Bride”, “Lemon Tree” and “Zaytoun”.

Eran Riklis was born in Israel in 1954, but he spent his early childhood in Montreal and New York. After returning to Israel he attended the university in Tel Aviv, and in 1975 he enrolled at the National Film and Television School in England as the first Israeli who was able to do that. He is one of the lead Israeli film authors. His film “The Syrian Bride” (2004) was awarded with 18 international recognitions, while “Cup Final” (1991) was presented at many prestigious festivals, including Venice and Berlin. “Zohar” (1993) made the biggest success at the Israeli box office during the nineties. “Temptation” (2002) was based on Israeli best seller, a nostalgic rock’n’roll accomplishment “Vulcan Juncion” (2000) and “On a Clear Day You Can See Damascus” (1984). He directed and produced a great number of made-for-television films, shows and documentaries.

He uses his films to epitomize political issues, striving to show the senselessness of human conflict. He likes to emphasize in his interviews that he does not make political films but films on human destinies being changed due to politics.

“The Syrian Bride” is a story about a girl named Mona who after the wedding crosses the Israeli-Syrian border, never to return to her family. This film deals with physical, mental and emotional barriers, and the will to overcome them.

“Lemon Tree” brings us to a Palestinian village on the West Bank and introduces us with the strength of one woman in keeping the only thread that connects her with the past and her family. That very thread, in the form of a lemon tree, is a dire threat to the safety of the Israeli minister of defence.

“Final Cup” brings an interesting story about football which helps in breaking the barriers imposed by nationalism and the past. The love of football will overcome animosity felt by Palestinian soldiers and their prisoner – a soldier of Israel. “Zaytoun” is a genuine road movie, with the story set in 1982, when an Israeli soldier and young Palestinian embark on a journey across the war-torn country searching for their respective homes. By using humour and pathos, this film explores the development of friendship born out of interdependence of two enemies.

The entire programme of the festival, including locations and screening schedule can be found at the following link.