Archive Cinema City 2014.

Isle of the Dead

La Isla de los Muertos

Genre: Experimental short
Country: Spain, Germany
Year: 2013
Duration: 8 min

Director: Vuk Jevremović
Scenario: Vuk Jevremović

Programme selection: Cinema City Shorts


Inspired by original drawings of Franz Kafka, and based on his short story In the Penal Colony (and created as if envisioned by F. W. Murnau). One soldier is about to be executed because of his disobedience. The execution will be theoretically carried out by an ancient machine which engraves one sentence (the committed crime) on a man’s skin. But the government has decided that this type of punishment is inhuman, and it should be immediately forbidden.

Producer: Vuk Jevremović

FILMOGRAPHY: Toteninsel-La isla de los Muertos (2013), Patience of the Memory (2009), Berbaok (2008), Lux (2007), Close Your Eyes and Do Not Breathe (2006), The Wheel Turns (2005), Quercus (2004), Faces (2002), Tagebuch (2000), Panther (1998), The Wind Subsides (1996), Eon (1995).