11/05/2008 04:31

Iranian Director Majid Majidi as a Guest of Cinema City Festival


Famous Iranian director, Majid Majidi, is going to be a guest of Cinema City Festival that takes place from 14th to 21st of June in Novi Sad, in the organization of Exit Association. Majidi is going to present his movie The Song of Sparrows, which is to be shown in Exit Point international competition selection.

Majid Majidi was a guest of our country four years ago when he was awarded Golden Seal, a high recognition of Yugoslav cinematography. He was awarded for a contribution to the film art. After years of break, he returned to the film scene with the movie The Song of Sparrows that had the world premiere in the Berlin Festival this year.

The movie follows Karim, devoted father who goes to a nearby city to work as a taxi driver in order to gather enough money for his daughter’s hearing aid. In a poetic manner, the director describes psychological transformation of the man who goes from country to the city, and, with the collision of country harmony and city chaos, he experiences changes through many funny and emotional situations. Actor Rezi Naije won Silver Bear in Berlin for best film actor for playing the character of Karim.

Majid Majidi debuted as a screenplay writer and direcor in 1992 with a movie called Baduk in Cannes Festival, where he experienced big success. After that, he wrote and directed many movies that won world recognitions. He is the winner of three Grand Prix awards in the film festival in Montreal, for movies Baran, The Colour of Heaven, and Children of the Sky, and he is the first Iranian director nominated for Oscar, for the movie Children of the Sky, in 1997. He is known as the most extreme follower of Italian neorealism in Iranian film, and as one of rare directors that was not censored in his country, mostly because he dealt with humanist topics, avoiding political connotation.