16/04/2009 16:56

Interview with Milos Pusic


Last year at Film and Media Festival Cinema City, the award for the best film in the selection Up to 10,000 Bucks went to Milos Pusic for his creation Lullaby for a Boy. Talking to this young and successful director, we discovered how important film festivals are for the affirmation of film industry and how important for the careers of young artists is to participate and win in a festival. Director Pusic announced his first feature film première.

-Your film Lullaby for a Boy won the award for the best film in category Up to 10,000 bucks last year at Film and Media Festival Cinema City. In this selection 28 films from different countries were shown. What was in your opinion the key for your film's success?

I can't say much about it, I saw only few films in that selection. I honestly think you are asking the wrong person, this is probably a question the jury could answer better. I guess they liked the film more than some other films in the category...

-Which positive experience of Cinema City film festival and competing in selection Up to 10,000 Bucks would you like to mention? Do you recommend competing in this category to young directors?

I absolutely recommend that to young authors, I also think all film academies should be invited to participate - most films by students don't exceed that budget. Not only do they have a chance to have their film presented, but young authors can also meet their colleagues and establish connections and maybe co-operation.

-Did the participation and victory influence your further career?

I think it did, good media campaign by the festival clearly contributed to my career development. Surely victory at the festival also helped creating my new feature film.

- Are you currently working on some new film? Are you planning to make a new film?

We have just finished editing my first feature film Autumn in my Street. We hope the première will soon follow. You can see the trailer and other details about the film on the website www.jesenumojojulici.com

-Do you think that film festivals contribute to the development of film art, and in which way?

They do contribute, however in Serbia it doesn't last very long. Ten days, maybe, during the film festival. After that everything is subdued and it is all as usual. You could even say that films live in festivals only, apart from some big state projects. Therefore, film festivals have become a necessary event.

-How would you compare Film and Media Festival Cinema City to other foreign festivals?

This is a new festival, with good intentions and prospects, it seems it needs more precise positioning in the region, such as somewhat stricter selection in certain programmes. It would make the festival even more competitive compared to others. Surely, I think it needs to be supported and improved with each year. It's a pity it only lasts ten days, because it's the only time in a year when cinemas in Novi Sad are open.

-Did you manage to see the film programme of other selections last year? If you did, can you tell us which film or the selection made the biggest impression on you?

I didn't see the whole programme, because I was working on my feature film, but I was extremely pleased that I could see films by Z. Pavlovic on the big screen for the first time. Retrospectives are also important because they can remind the audience, or introduce them to the brilliant, almost forgotten authors and films from this country. I also managed to see Ballast and Let the Right One In - two excellent films.