30/05/2014 15:31

Iconic films on big screen

Every year the Cinema City IFF organizes two Respect to… selections, thus honoring the artists who made an impact on the development of foreign and domestic cinema. The concert of Collegium Musicum will serve as an intro to this year’s selection Respect to… Zoran Simjanović, who signed some of the most popular films scores from this region. During the festival we will present Zoran Simjanović with the Award for contribution to the national cinema, for leaving a lasting imprint on the world of domestic filmmaking.

Until ‬today Simjanović composed film score for no less than 64 feature films, the first and latest of which, Goran Marković’s Special Education and Forger, were both screened at the Cinema City festival in 2013. Simjanović composed music for numerous TV shows, animated films, short films and theatre. He had gotten involved in music early on, and during the 1960s he played in several popular rock bands, like Siluete and Elipse. In mid 1970s he began composing theatre music, and subsequently cooperating with domestic and foreign television and film productions, for which he will compose some of his most popular scores. He has won two Golden Arenas at the former Festival of Yugoslav Film in Pula (now: Pula Film Festival), for Fragrance of Wild Flowers and Balkan Express, and other numerous awards for films including When Father Was Away on Business, Tito and I, and Tango Argentino.

Respect to… Zoran Simjanović selection will screen some of the films that Simjanović composed the music for. We will take you down memory lane, and give you the opportunity to see these films on big screen, which is a precedent in itself for many of us, who had gotten used to only seeing them on small screens.

This selection will screen six must-see films – Emir Kusturica’s When Father Was Away on Business, which won the Golden Palm in Cannes in 1985; Goran Paskaljević’s Guardian Angel, a true story on human trafficking in Europe, with Ljubiša Samardžić in lead role; Fragrance of Wild Flowers which was also awarded at Cannes and signed by one of our most significant directors, Srđan Karanović. Another part of the selection will include two films signed by Branko Baletić – Plum Juice about a local hotshot and DJ, Miki Rudinski, played by Miki Manojlović, and Balkan Express, which is definitely one of our most popular films. And lastly, Goran Marković’s legendary film that our main competition selection was named after, National Class Category Up to 785 ccm. This film will remind us of one of the most exotic characters of our cinema, Branimir Mitrović Flojd, played by Dragan Nikolić, and Smjanović’s eponymous music hit Flojd. 

Join us and enjoy this sentimental look back at some of our cinematic highlights, and use this rare opportunity to see these films on big screen.