08/05/2010 07:26

“I Believe in Angels” within New Croatian Cinema Selection

A romantic Mediterranean comedy “I Believe in Angels”, by Niksa Svilicic received Golden Gate of Pula audience award at 56th Pula Film Festival. Main hero is Sime the postman, one of the most popular figures in a small town on a remote island. Sime is very intelligent and the locals hold him in high regard and deem him to be a genius due to his extensive knowledge on everything that happens. Unlike residents of this small town, viewers soon discover the secret to his success. He is, in fact, fascinated by other people’s destinies and so he perfected a technique of opening letters imperceptibly, forming comprehensive databases based on data found in those letters. One day, very attractive Dea moves to the island and quickly becomes a wooing target of all the men in the village. However, Dea has a secret of her own and stays indifferent to all their attempts at charming. Due to circumstances she accidentally discovers postman’s secret hobby while she herself starts a correspondence with mysterious Klara. Sime the postman uses the knowledge from that unusual correspondence to win beautiful Dea’s heart and after a while she accepts his wooing and everything seem idyllic. However, jealous locals soon turn against the postman. Finally we discover Dea had a “devious plan” all along, which brings incredible outcome and a twist at the end of the film.

“A romantic comedy “I Believe in Angels” by Niksa Svilicic is one of those films that easily find a way into our hearts and which can readily be recognized as a cinematic hit. The film is shot in Komiza town on the western coast of the island of Vis and tells a story about a postman who secretly opens whatever mail goes through his hands, thus knowing everything about everybody and where Dolores Lambasa plays somewhat similar part of Dalmatian version of “Malèna”. Film also stars Aljosa Vuckovic and Frano Lasic and was the most viewed film in Croatia last year…” , commented Dubravka Lakic, programme selector