18/08/2017 09:58

High School Students Once to Serve Again as Youth Jurors

The 2017 edition of the Cinema City International Film Festival will take place as part of the Gradić Fest from September 1 to 3, at the Cheap Hublot Replica magical venue of Podgrađe in Petrovaradin Fortress.

Together with the Street Musicians Festival, Pop Up (Berberaj & Public P), Scenatoria, Suburbium, Fruškać, Happy Trash Production, Ugrip, and AAaaa Festival from Novi Sad, for the three days of the festival, Cinema City will paint the walls of Podgrađe with an outstanding selection of film, music, and conceptual and art contents.

Proud of our young audience and their desire to actively participate in the festival, the Cinema City International Film Festival has selected a group of high school students, who will evaluate the entries featured in the category Up to 10,000 Bucks, and independently decide which one deserves the Best Film Award.

The Youth Jury is a team of young and talented high school students from Novi Sad, who were selected for this role through a competition. As part of their application form, all interested candidates were asked to write a short commentary, a critical review of a domestic or foreign, feature or documentary film.

The Youth Jury as a category occupies an important role, for it encourages active engagement of young people in the field of culture, and stimulates creativity and critical thinking. Cinema City offers an opportunity and a platform where young people can creatively express themselves, publicly voice their opinions and attitudes, and gain invaluable experience through their involvement in the organizational activities of the festival. Based on the applications received, the program team of the festival selected five young people to be the members of this year's Youth Jury: Jelena Gvozdenović, Lana Katić, Maja Bradić, Minja Vuletić and Srđan Dragović.

The Youth Jury has been part of the festival since 2015, which naturally arose from the fact that Cinema City has a very young audience, and supports the endeavors and art of young authors from the world of cinema.

See You in Gradić! Let’s Be Gradić!