08/02/2010 06:55

"Here and There" on DVD

The film Here and There by director and screenwriter Darko Lungulov, in which leading roles are played by David Thornton, Mirjana Karanovic and Branislav Trifunovic, is released on DVD. For the first time, extra features can be found on the DVD, such as director’s comments as well as Film about the Film.

Here and There was shown as part of National Class selection at Cinema City festival in 2009. Actress Mirjana Karanovic won the award for the best actress in that film. The film tells a story about Robert, a depressive New Yorker and a failed musician, who receives an eviction notice due to unpaid rent. He hires Branko, an emigrant from Serbia, to help him move out. Branko eagerly wishes his girlfriend Ivana to come to the USA and asks Robert to go to Serbia and marry her in order to make her coming to New York possible. In Belgrade, Robert stays with Branko’s mother Olga. In the meantime, Branko is having trouble getting the rest of the money he is supposed to send to Robert.

During 2009, the film was shown at more than 20 international film festivals and won a large number of awards. The film was in selection Europe Now which was chosen by critics of eminent film magazine Variety at the prestigious festival in Karlovy Vary.

(photo: Vanja Bjelobaba)