11/05/2009 15:56


Turkey/Greece/Bulgaria, 2008, 121min
Director: Reha Erdem
Awards: Reader Jury of the "Tagesspiegel", Berlin International Film Festival, 2008.
Cast: Elit Iscan, Erdal Besikcioglu, Levend Yilmaz
Selection - TRIBUTE: Contemporary Turkish Cinema

The latest creation by director Reha Erdem, called My Only Sunshine (Hayat var), will be presented at Film and Media Festival Cinema City. My Only Sunshine is a cruel story about emotional and sexual abuse over a young girl.

Fourteen-year-old Hayat lives with her father and grandfather in Istanbul. Her grandfather is ill, he suffers from asthma, and her father is a fisherman, who actually earns money doing "dirty" jobs - he supplies big ships with alcohol, women and other "goods". What is sadder than the financial problem in this family, is the cold-heartedness and emotionlessness towards one another, and above all, towards young Hayat. All emotional relations work in tit for tat principle, and nothing is for free... This raises the question: is it possible to come out of this cold and brutal relationships unhurt?