25/06/2008 04:14

Grand Prix for Lance Hammer and SOS Children's Village

The winner of the Grand Prix of Cinema City Festival, American director Lance Hammer decided to give a half of the 15,000 dollars award to SOS Children's Village “Dr. Milorad Pavlovi?“ in Sremska Kamenica. “I am sure that the value and maybe the measure of art is its ability to heal spiritual wounds. And while, I hope, Ballast reaches that potential in moments, SOS Children's Village obviously performs that feat every day”, said the director in the letter where he thanked for the award.

According to the decision of the international jury that gave the main prize of the festival to film Ballast, Icelandic film The Amazing Truth about Queen Raquel by Olaf de Fler Johanson won the award for “Special Contribution to Contemporary Film Expression”; film creation Love and Other Crimes by Stefan Arsenijevi? won the “Ibis” and 8,000 dollars prize for best domestic film.

For best direction of a domestic film, “Ibis” was given to Dejan Ze?evi? for The Fourth Man, while the award for best screenplay was given to Nebojša Rom?evi? for On Beautiful Blue Danube. Awards for best actress and best actor were given to Ana Frani? and Nikola Kojo respectively, for films On Beautiful Blue Danube and The Fourth Man. Miloš Kodemo won the award for best photography for Miloš Brankovi?. The award for best original music was given to Boris Kova? for On Beautiful Blue Danube, and the award for best film editing was given to Marko Glušac for The Fourth Man.

Best film made with the budget less than 10,000 dollars is Lullaby for a Boy by Miloš Puši?, and special awards were given to German film Illusion by Burhan Kurbani, to The Golden Nunshacas directed by Zoran Bojovi? and domestic documentary Joe Goes to Serbia, directed by Sonja Blagojevi?. South Korean director Lee Chang-dong won an “Ibis” for “Special Contribution to Contemporary Film Expression”, and the FIPRESCI Serbia Jury Award for the best film of the festival was given to Norwegian creation The Art of Negative Thinking by Bord Breiner. FIRPRESCI Serbian Branch Jury gave the award to Swedish horror Låt den rätte komma in by Tomas Alfredson.

Cinema City Festival was closed on Saturday, the 21st of June, with the award ceremony and overfilled cinemas. During the eight days, 135 films were shown, and the festival was visited by more than 55,000 viewers. In the academic program of the festival, numerous domestic and foreign directors, actors, and producers participated. Through exhibition and a conference, the program of new media and numerous artists and organizations were presented, and the visitors could exchange their experiences about new media and technologies.

Authors and acting crews of domestic films introduced themselves to the audience, and the guests of the festival were also the director of the winning film, Lance Hammer, Israeli director Natalie Assouline, young Mexican director Jonás Cuarón, American Nina Paley, Stefan Kitanov, Holland director David Verbeek, and many more.