26/06/2015 03:23

Get-together with authors and Mini film

The new part of the festival content that represents a space for press conferences, talks with film authors, author get-togethers, and presentations of important initiatives in national cinema will be set at the festival centre, in the shade of Limanski Park. Each afternoon, the festival centre will be open for guests of the festival, students, and even passers-by who would like to hear more about the films they’ve seen, ask questions about them, or greet the authors.

Talks and workshops will be held for visitors and the media every day of the festival, inside the festival centre at Limanski Park, from 17:00 to 20:00h. We have planned an exciting Fine Cut interview with editor Dan Bunescu for Thursday, July 2, at 17:00h and Up to 10,000 Bucks interview with producer John Keville for July 3, at the same time. We have also prepared a lively workshop with Dubravka Lakić on Tuesday, June 30 at 17:00h. Everyday Warm-ups at 18:30h will hold get-togethers and present the initiatives of national cinema. We will present: Filmski Front, Filmkultura, Bašta Fest, Next to Cinema, Centar E8 and Novi bioskop zvezda.

Every day from 18h
, the audience, media, and guests of the festival will get a chance to hang out with authors and hear more about the films they’ve seen: Panama, Enclave, Marked, Lesson, Up to 10,000 Bucks, No One’s Child, The Healing, Limbo, Self Portrait of a Dutiful Daughter, Little Buddho, Naked Island, Street musicians, Off, Monument to Michael Jackson, Open Cage. This is also an opportunity for the media to interview authors (Q&A and media).

Inside the festival centre we will hold Mini film – film workshop for children and the youngsters, a free educational programme for children aged 7 to 14, designed to popularize film art with the youngest audience. The aim of Mini film is to encourage creativity, arouse curiosity and, above all, create preconditions for a critical approach towards audio-visual contents being watched. The results of workshops are short films (animated or otherwise) authored by the children participating in workshops. These films will be screened during the closing of the festival. Instructors are young filmmakers, authors, and professionals who have come together around a common idea of doing all in their power to familiarize the future audience with cinema. In 2014, these instructors have clocked over 350 hours of working with participants.