17/04/2010 10:33

Genius Party Beyond

Genius Party Beyond is a second part of omnibus by Japanese production company “Studio 4oC” (the studio was allegedly named after the temperature at which water density is the highest), known for its efforts to connect independent animation with mainstream anima aesthetics. The concept of presenting different visions and anima aesthetics was also applied in the first installment, “Genius Party” from 2007 where 7 different directors tried to lay a foundation for the future of Japanese animation.

Great Party Beyond from 2008 presents 5 directors who, in five short films, try to deliver different, vivid visions of this original project.

Omnibus starts with the story Gala, a saga on gigantic meteorite which falls one morning near a Japanese village. Fearing from an alien object, the villagers try to destroy what resembles in appearance a great pod. A sage from the forest, however, with his young apprentices, has a totally different solution to the problem. This pearl of traditional anima speaks about man’s intertwined coexistence with all other creatures in the world and with all natural processes, expressing what is essentially an environmental message.

Moondrive’s animation, which incredibly resembles mangas, will attract all the lovers of a traditional saga about a band of lowlifes searching for treasure. The only difference is that this team of weirdos will try their luck in not so bright future on an already inhabited Moon.

Wanwa the Doggy brings us into a wondrous, surreal world of children’s hyperactive imagination. Kaleidoscope of experiences tucked away in child’s head guide us through a vivid and a bit eccentric animation which resembles three-dimensional books, where each page reveals a whole new world.

Tojin Kit is a dystopia about a girl who tries to create live dolls filled with unearthly energy and her fight to hide it from the society where such endeavors are strictly forbidden. A dark vision of the future is summarized in an inscription at girl’s apartment: “Dead End”.

Finally, Dimension Bomb for the first time introduces as a narrator, a famous Japanese anima and video game composer, Joko Kano who, with highly stylistic animation and ticking techno beats, portrays the atmosphere of a powerful post-apocalyptic world.