01/06/2016 06:17

Fresh Danube Films Section Presents "Europe, She Loves"

“This Is My Movie about Us, the Time Bombs, the Forgotten Ones with an Uncertain Future, but with a lot of Love”

Screened at Berlinale, the Thessaloniki Film Festival, Crossing Europe Festival in Linz, and awarded at a festival in Munich, Europe, She Loves is a story of four couples, geographically separated, who fall in love in troubled times. The physical and emotional spheres become their only refuge in this battle for the future.

“They are struggling with difficult economic conditions, their personal demons and problems inherent in all relationships. Officially a documentary, this film, which features very explicit scenes of sexual intercourse, nonetheless investigates the relationship between fiction and documentation in modern art,” says the Fresh Danube Films program selector Vladan Petković.

The film was directed by Jan Gassmann, who describes his documentary about four couples on the edge of Europe as a parable of the continent, and at the same time a portrayal of a forgotten, lost, dissatisfied generation. A film without much talk about politics, but filmed in settings and places where the political future of Europe will be decided. “This is my movie about us, the time bombs, the forgotten ones with an uncertain future, but with a lot of love.”

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