13/11/2012 07:38

Fresh Danube Films project successfully presented

The Fresh Danube Films project, which came as a result of collaboration between Cinema City, Crossing Europe from Linz, DORF from Vinkovci and Free Zone and support from the European Cultural Foundation, was presented on Wednesday, November 7 at the press conference at the Belgrade Cultural Center.

Speakers at the conference included Sabine Gebetsroither representative of Crossing Europe Film Festival from Austria, Toni Šarić director of DORF from Croatia, Rajko Petrović director of the festival Free Zone Belgrade, and for the Cinema City festival Miloš Ignjatović, director and Ivana Todorović project manager.

As was presented at the conference in Belgrade, the aim of the “Fresh Danube Films“ project is to connect film festivals and institutions along the Danube, with the aspiration of creating a strong platform that would support and promote young film authors. At the first meeting and the first press conference the initiators of the project pointed out the importance of the continued future growth and development of the Fresh Danube Films platform as a means of directing attention of the public to the importance of film art of the Danube region.

In the following year, the promotional activities of the project will, among other things, reflect in the presentation of Austrian-Croatian-Serbian film selection “Fresh Danube Films”, which will be screened at the subsequent editions of Crossing Europe festival, DORF, Free Zone and Cinema City festival.

After the project had been successfully presented at the press conference, Husein Tabak’s excellent directorial debut “Your Beauty Is Worth Nothing” was screened within the Fresh Danube Films project.