09/05/2009 14:21

Flowers of Rwanda

Flowers of Rwanda
Spain, 2008, 24 min.
Director: David Muñoz
Selection: Democracy/Export-Import

Flowers of Rwanda, a film with a strong pacifistic idea by David Muñoz, will be shown in the Democracy/Export-Import selection at the Film and Media Festival Cinema City.

The film testimony with an anti-war message is dedicated to Rwanda, the country where a horrible genocide was committed fourteen years ago, when more than 800,000 people lost their lives. The film answers many questions, but it strongly awakes new dilemmas.

What is it exactly like in Rwanda today? What are the feelings in victims’ hearts? Is it possible, after all that happened, for the killers and the victims to live together, in peace, next to each other? What importance is there in education for the society that survived the genocide? Is it possible to claim that the genocide will not happen again? And should we, as individuals, feel responsibility for the horrible event?...

These are only some questions that rise from the Spanish director’s, David Muñoz’s, documentary Flowers of Rwanda, by the power of truth, the image and the presented facts.