23/04/2010 06:46

Five Corto Maltese adventures within Animatrix selection

One of the most favorite comic book characters ever, philosopher and lover of the occult, Corto Malteze for years continues to entertain comic book lovers with his unostentatious charisma and an incredible sense of successful adventure and social justice. Thanks to Cinema City film and media festival, audience will have an opportunity to see this hero of the downtrod in five animated adventures, which will be screened within Animatrix selection.

These achievements, mimicking specific strokes of Hugo Pratt and mystical melancholy stories, which are the trademark of Corto Maltese, will present film audience and comic book lovers with the comic book hero of the twentieth century. His adventures, intertwined with numerous historical figures, make this fictitious hero real and immortal for all generations.

The first film that will bring us into the world of Corto Maltese is "Ballad of the Salt Sea" by Richard Danto and Liam Saury where our hero sails the waters of South Pacific, in times before WWI, together with smugglers and his loyal friend Rasputin.

The fantastic journey will continue along Caribbean islands in “Carribean Suit" made by the same duo. They will later show us the year 1915 with Corto taking us to Europe, in a center of the war conflict in film “Celts”. Here he will barely manage to escape from embraces of mysterious women and voracious thieves. After these endeavors our hero will find himself in the middle of the civil war in Russia, in Morelli’s “Corto Maltese in Siberia”. Meeting Rasputin once again, he will begin a pursuit for the gold which is being transported by trains over endlessly long and snowed in railroad tracks of Siberia. Our journey with Corto will come to an end in Turkey in the year 1921 in film “The Golden House of Samarkand” by Richard Danto and Liam Saury, where he will seek the treasure of the ancient Persian king Cyrus.