18/06/2008 03:11

First Three Days of Cinema City

Cinema City, Film and New media Festival, in Exit organization, successfully steps into the fourth day of the planned cultural program. During recent days, according to the recorded numbers, the attendance on the projections proved that there are true film lovers and admirers of quality film art. More than fifteen thousand people walked through the locations of Cinema City cinemas making the atmosphere and ceremonial mood of the city considerably higher.

Positive energy of the visitors of full open-air cinemas is a perfect preparation for the upcoming EXIT Festival. Weather is also treating us well, so, yesterday, during the projection of excellent 24 Hour Party People, all seats of the Dunavski Park cinema were taken with numerous visitors standing by sides, making private picnic atmospheres on little portable chairs and picnic blankets. Due to the melody of unmatched New Order, which makes you move, and overall excellent soundtrack of Winterbottom’s film, many spectators decided to watch the film on their feet, and most of the present viewers did the same already with the first melodies of cult “Love Will Tear Us Apart " by Joy Division.

Join us so we can, together in the great atmosphere and good fun, enjoy in the positive mood and rich offer of the program of Cinema City, International Film and New Media Festival.