24/06/2008 13:00

FIPRESCI Serbia Jury Award

FIPRESCI Serbia Jury consisting of Vladimir D�udovi? (Radio Beograd 1), the chairman, Vladimir Crnjanski (Dnevnik, Novi Sad), and Brankica Draškovi? (Gra?anski list, Novi Sad), gave the Cinema City, International Film and New Media Festival award for overall best film to Art of Negative Thinking by Norwegian director Bard Breien, from Exit Point competition selection, with the following explanation:

Using political incorrectness in a positive sense in the film, Bard Breien treats problems of people with special needs. At the same time in a funny, but also in a very serious way, through camera drama in a macabristic rhythm, he faces the audience with general problem of the absence of sincere communication between people in the modern world.