09/05/2012 11:38

Films selected for up to 10,000 bucks – Young Talent's Competition programme

This year's programme selector for Up to 10,000 bucks - Young Talent Competition, Nikola Ležaić, has chosen 26 films to be screened at Cinema City festival. Around two hundred films from all over the world applied during March. With each year the number of applications keeps growing, and selector’s task becomes increasingly difficult. The Festival will screen films from Serbia, Croatia, Israel, Poland, Italy, Great Britain, Hungary, Switzerland, Argentina, Norway, Brazil, Germany, Holland, USA and Spain.

Three films will also be presented (“Gordon”, “Katarina” and “Half Past Nine”) which are the result of the Cinema Contact Project established within IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme Hungary-Serbia, co-financed by the EU. The University of Szeged – Department of Visual Culture and Literary Theory is in charge of the project, and its partner is Cinema City festival. The films came out of the workshop that took place in Szeged. The purpose of the Cinema Contact Project and screening of those films is to provide support and indicate the importance of cross-border cooperation between young people, which is this time presented through creative work on film, as one of the most popular and most effective types of media.

In an interview with us, programme selector Ležaić told us that it had been very interesting to see how the young authors from all over the world think, and how they find solutions, manage and try to make their final work uncompromised despite the limited budget at their disposal. The increased quantity also yielded an increased number of quality films, and he felt sorry he could not include more quality films in this programme since, sadly, every selection has a predefined duration.

Ležaić chose films of different genres – feature films, documentaries, animated and experimental. The selection represents the films shot with a budget of less than 10,000 bucks, and this year we’ll get a chance to see films produced with a budget that ranged from $250 to $10,000.

Nicola said that the advantage of this programme is the fact that the production aspect of film is not a priority, as can be concluded from the very name of the selection, and what is being insisted upon is creativity, which had been his main criteria when choosing films. With moderate means, an author must be aware of his limitations and must try to find a way to turn those limitations into his advantage. This selection contains cheaper and more expensive attempts, various forms, duration, and genres, which all have one thing in common – creativity.

Up to 10,000 bucks contains the total of 29 achievements, and will commence on the second day of the Cinema City festival, at the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad. The award for the best film within this selection will be presented on the last day of the Festival. This year, due to IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme Hungary-Serbia co-financed by the EU, two additional awards will be presented – for the best Hungarian film and award for the best Serbian film with the aim of encouraging creative work and cooperation of young film authors in the border area.

Authors of Up to 10,000 bucks selection will be guests of the Festival, and talks on respective films will be organized after the screenings.

Take a look at the list of the films selected for this year's Up to 10,000 bucks selection:

1.     Stevan M. Živković, director: Vladimir Tagić, Serbia, 2010.

2.     Mirage, director: Srđan Keča, UK/Serbia, 2011.

3.     8, director: Acim Vasic, Switzerland, 2011.

4.     Ja sam svoj život posložila, director: Sonja Tarokić, Croatia, 2012.

5.     Onderstroom, director: Diede in't Veld, Netherland, 2011.

6.     Running Upside Down, director: Jou-chia Huang, USA / Taiwan, 2011.

7.     Navždy mladý, director: Robin Lipo, Poland, 2011.

8.     Woensdagen, director: Aaron Rookus, Netherland, 2011.

9.     Ezra Rishona, director: Yarden Karmin, Israel, 2010.

10.     Tfarim, director: Dana Keidar, Israel, 2010.

11.     Ani Midbar, director: Neta Braun, Israel, 2010.

12.     Meinungsmeer, director: Martin Minsel, Germany, 2010.

13.     Prva dama Dubrave, director: Barbara Vekarić, Croatia, 2011.

14.     Jeg er bak døren, director: Helga Fjeldså / Stein-Christian Fagerbakken, Norway, 2011.

15.     La playa, director: Elisa Cepedal, Spain / UK, 2010.

16.     Fragmenti, director: Ivan Stojiljković, Serbia, 2011.

17.     Rapsodeus, director: Bruno Bozzetto, Italy, 2011.

18.     Invalidus, director: Gábor Váncsa, Hungary, 2011.

19.     Rua Mão Única, director: André Gevaerd, Brasil, 2010.

20.     Na Drugoj Obali, director: Marko Đorđević, Serbia, 2011.

21.     Myshoes, director: Elisa Resinaro, Italy, 2010.

22.     Concertino, director: Ripli Gábor, Serbia, 2011.

23.     Gagarin i ja, director: Mihajlo Jevtić, Serbia, 2012.

24.     Obóz, director: Tomasz Jeziorski, Poland, 2012.

25.     Čekaonica, director: Jelena Oroz, Croatia, 2011.

26.     Calida tarde de verano, director: Mateo Kesselman, Argentina, 2010.

27.     Gordon, director: Gábor Balla, Hungary / Serbia, 2012. project : „Cinema Contact

28.     Katarina, director: Anikó Zemankó, Hungary / Serbia, 2012. project : „Cinema Contact

29.     Half Past Nine, director: Anikó Urbán, Hungary / Serbia, 2012. project : „Cinema Contact