14/04/2009 17:21

Film Technotise Edit and I premiere

"Having worked for a French comic book publishing house for six years, and after drawing over 300 boards, I felt the need to give motion to my characters in an animated film, which will try to answer all challenges of action science fiction story in the future..." Aleksa Gajic

The film Technotise Edit and I by Aleksa Gajic will have its première at Cinema City film festival. It is made in the same way as the contemporary animated films, a product of four types of animation (classic 2D, 3D, vector and collage animation) as well as the authenticity of artist's graphic expression. Aesthetic model for the film was Japanese anime in which the movements are stylised, in other words it's static animation. Stylised movement was originally the result of practical need for faster serial production for television broadcast, however in time it became a recognisable style and a trademark of Japanese animated films.

After the comic Technotise, which he made in 1998 as his graduation work in Faculty of Applied Arts, author Aleksa Gajic, noticed readers' positive reactions to images of buildings in Belgrade with futuristic architectural elements. The recognition element, which creates the impression of authenticity and the feeling of possibility, presents main effect which the author wanted to achieve in his film. Characters in the film are anti-heroes who are changed by fantastic circumstances and forced to do things they would not normally do. Dynamics is achieved by quick change of scenes, emphasised décor and illustrative support of monologues. An interesting turn in the plot changes the film from tragicomedy into science fiction.

The film shows Edit, an ordinary girl who lives and studies in Belgrade in 2074. She volunteers in one research centre, where she nurses Abel, an autistic mathematical genius who stops communicating with everyone after discovering the formula which combines all types of energy on Earth. To improve her intellectual capability, because of some problems at faculty, she has a questionable chip inserted. After she accidentally sees the chart with the mysterious formula, her chip becomes aware of itself and starts developing, first mentally and then physically into Edit's parallel personality...

Special attention in this film was given to the voices, which were realised by some of the great names in Serbian acting profession. Some of the voices were given by Petar Kralj, Seka Sabljic, Srdjan Todorovic, Marija Karan, Boris Milivojevic, Nikola Djuricko, Nebojsa Glogovac and Sanda Knezevic. Music for the film Technotise Edit and I was composed by Boris Furduj and Slobodan Strumberger.