14/06/2009 10:04

Film Programme of the Ninth Day of the Festival

On the last day of Cinema City festival, at the big hall of Serbian National Theatre at 3.30 pm you can see the film Taxidermia, the unusual and multi-awarded film creation by György Pálfi, from the selection Balkan Box -SFF Highlights. Taxidermia is a grotesque genre fusion of drama, horror and comedy, which tells three stories about three different generations put in one bizarre and shocking universe.

What follows at 8 pm is the film by French director Claude Chabrol Bellamy from 2009, with which the film projections at big hall of Serbian National Theatre are ending. In this excellent crime film, the main role is played by Gérard Depardieu.

At small hall of SNP the festival's programme for Sunday, June 14th, begins at noon with the film for children Hotel for Dogs, while at 4.30 pm there will be an unusual drama with comic elements Tony Manero. The story of the film by Pablo Larrain takes place in 1978. The protagonist, Raul Peralta, is an unfulfilled fifty-year-old criminal who is obsessed with John Travolta and his acting as Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever. At 6.30 pm the film Migrations by Aleksandar Petrović, based on the masterpiece novel by Miloš Crnjanski, will be shown, while at 8.30 pm there will be the film by famous Dutch director Mijke de Jong Katia's Sister from Exit Point selection. Festival's projections for 2009, at the small hall of SNP will be closed by multi-awarded film by the director Goran Marković The Tour, which was Serbian candidate nominated for the Oscar in category Foreign Language Film.

At the open-air cinema in Katolicka Porta, beginning at 9.15 pm, there will be the projection of documentary-comedy by the director Sebastian Doggart Courting Condi which reminds us of a "mixture" of films as Borat, Fahrenheit 9/11 and musical Mamma Mia. The story follows Devin Ratray, a web designer, musician, former actor (know to us as Buzz in Home Alone) and a huge admirer of former USA Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, as he tries to meet the lady whom he worships. While Devin travels around the country, learning about the lady from those who had had the chance to know her, Courting Condi tells the life story of our time's most inspiring, enigmatic and controversial persons. This is the first retrospective of Bush reign, which will inspire audience to laugh, sing and protest about the past eight years of the above mentioned Administration. At 11.15 there will be a new creation by Miroslav Momčilović,Wait for me and I Will Not Come, a melodrama about an unusual love pentangle.

At open-air cinema at Dunavski Park, on Sunday 14th June, beginning at 9.15 pm, as part of Planet Rock selection, the film Punk: Attitude will be shown, which attracted a lot of people at its first projection at Pozoriste Mladih. The film Punk: Attitude introduces us to the rich culture of an alternative music phenomenon through the characteristics of diverse styles, from the founding of the genre in the 60s, when garage and psychedelic punk bands ruled, like Count Five or The Stooges, through glam punk, such as New York Dolls, to New York and London scenes in the 70s, all the way to present, modern, essentially different, punk conception. Apart from the interviews with celebrities, the film is rich with visual records of the development of punk ideology, which evolves into a defined, controversial lifestyle. At the same location, at 11.15 pm will be shown the popular animated film Afro Samurai 2 by Japanese director Kizaki, with the famous American actor Samuel L. Jackson who gave his voice to the protagonist. music for the film was done by famous hip-hop performer RZA, member of hip-hop attraction Wu Tang Clan.

At third open-air cinema in Mileticeva Street, at 9.15 pm, as part of Planet Rock selection, will be shown the film The Clash: Westway to the World, and then Kabuli Kid by Barmak Akram, an exceptional portrait of a man going through different phases of emotional excitement and maturity in a city which is trying to restore life after atrocities committed during twenty-five years of war.

At big hall of Pozoriste Mladih, beginning at 8 pm will be shown the legendary comedy Brazil by Terry Gilliam, as part of Pedja's Film Collection selection, after which will be the projection of the film Lost Songs of Anatolia by Nezih Unen, as part of Respect to Turkey selection. The film was created after 350 hours of editing as a result of a five-year-long difficult and creative exploration of cultural diversity of Anatolia. Musical performances of traditional tunes were recorded live and spontaneously at the filming location. Using modern arrangements, an original musical has developed, which shows how much music and culture of Anatolia depend on geographical region as well as on work and life of the people in that land.

At the same location, in small hall, beginning at 6.30 pm, will be shown the film The Bogeyman by Turkish director Atalay Taşdiken. At 8.30 pm will be the projection of the film The First Real Women Sound by Brankica Draskovic, as part of Planet Rock selection.

Enjoy the closing programme of Cinema City Film and Media Festival 2009!