21/06/2008 03:25

Film Program for June, the 20th

At Serbian National Theatre, beginning at 15:30, the first film for Friday, the 20th of June is to be shown. It is the projection of Lee Chang’s creation from 2002, called Oh Ah Shisoo. Then, at 18:00, Spanish drama Siete mesas de billar frances by Gracia Querejeta from Exit Point Selection follows. At 20:15, you can see awarded young Stefan Arsenijević’s debut called Ljubav i drugi zločini (Love and Other Crimes), where Anica Dobra plays the lead role. At 22:30, a comedy by Iranian director Majid Majidi from 2008, called Avaze gonjeshk-ha is to be projected.

At the open-air cinema in Katolicka Porta, beginning at 21:15, you should certainly see Låt den rätte komma in, a Swedish horror from Exit Point selection that was widely accepted by the audience. After that, Darko Bajic’s Na lepom plavom Dunavu (On Beautiful Blue Danube), which was yesterday successfully shown in a ceremonial atmosphere of Serbian National Theatre follows.

Arena Cinema begins Cinema City film Friday with a Johannesson’s drama The Amazing Truth about Queen Raquela, beginning at 18:00. Then, a film from Balkan Buster Selection, called Estrellita – Pesem za Domov, directed by Metod Pevec follows. 22:00 is the time for Lee Chang-dong’s comedy and romance Milyang, from 2007.

In Dunavski Park, at 21:15, we can laugh again with Filth and Wisdom, a comedy from 2008, directed by music diva Madonna. Then, Japanese horror from 2004, called Vital, directed by Shinya Tsukamot from The Best of Horror Selection follows.

The cinema in Mileticeva Street starts working at 21:15 with the projection of Appurushido, an animated film, followed by P.V.C.-1, a Columbian thriller based on a true story, about a woman who, due to mafia conflicts, is made to wear a time-bomb around her neck.

In the big hall of the Youth Theatre, beginning at 18:00, a film by Kristijan Milić, Sretno dijete (A Happy Child), from Planet Rock Selection is to be shown. Then, two excellent comedies chosen by Peđa Protić, follow: at 20:00, Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove, and Buñuel’s La voie lacteeI from 1969. In the small hall, five films from Up to 10.000 Bucks Selection are to be shown, beginning at 19:00. At 21:00, the projection of a documentary from Respect to Cuba Selection called San Ernesto nacio en La Higuera, from 2007 follows.

Beginning at 16:00, the film projection of La citadelle assiegee from The Cool Kids Selection follows. We call with pleasure the youngest audience of the festival to join us with their parents.

Enjoy the seventh day of Cinema City, Film and New Media Festival. The whole city is a cinema!