19/06/2008 16:21

Film Program for June, the 19th

We start the introduction of the program for today with Serbian National Theatre. The projections begin at 15:30 with Bakha Satang by Lee Chang-dong.
Then, at 18:00, Četvrti čovek (The Fourth Man) by Dejan Zecevic follows. It is an exciting thriller about a man suffering from total amnesia; yet he does not give up the search for truth that will reveal dark events of the past.
Next projection, at 20:15 presents Darko Bajic’s drama called Na lepom plavom Dunavu (On Beautiful Blue Danube). The storyline goes on a luxurious ship called Kriemhild during a two-day journey from Vienna to Belgrade. It shows the encounter of western and eastern parts of Europe through the mixture of different mentalities, cultural and national identities. Yet, they have something in common – discontent with their ways of living.

22:15 it the time for Columbian thriller P.V.C.-1 directed by Spiros Stathoulopoulos, based on true events. It shows an unfortunate woman condemned with a time bomb around her neck, in desperate joint efforts with her family to escape the fatal ending.

At the open-air cinema in Katolicka Porta, a film about Bob Dylan’s life, called I’m Not There, is going to be shown. It won, in addition to numerous awards, the prestigious Oscar to Cate Blanchett for the best supporting female role. Then, 23:15 is the time for the rerun of the Norwegian film, accepted by the festival audience, The Art of Negative Thinking, directed by Bård Breien.

Arena Cinema presents Živojin Pavlović’s Zadah tela, at 18:00, and at 20:00, a film from Bosnia and Herzegovina Teško je biti fin (It’s Hard to Be Nice) by Srđan Vuletić follows. Oh ah shisoo, from the selection that presents homage to South Korean author Lee Chang-dong, is to be shown at 22:00.

In Dunavski Park, the projections begin at 21:15 with a film that was created for eleven years. It shows a portrait of Patti Smith, and it is called Dream of Life. 23:15 is the time for A Scanner Darkly from Animatrix selection. Come and see if this animated film can be as successful as Sita Sings the Blues and Persepolis, which filled the cinemas twice!

At 21:15, the cinema in Mileticeva Street presents Sretno dijete (A Happy Child) from Planet Rock Selection, directed by Igor Mirković. The film reminds us of the best domestic sound of the late seventies and early eighties! After A Happy Child, another music favorite from Planet Rock follows – Control by Anton Corbijn. Control is an intimate, shocking, but also impressing portrait of Ian Curtis, the singer of Joy Division band, a cult and revolutionary icon of the music alternative scene.

In the big hall of the Youth Theatre, first projection is at 18:00, and it also shows Control, so if the time of 23:15 at Katolicka Porta does not suit you, come to the Youth Theatre. From 20:00, two film projections from Pedja's Film Collection follow: Brief Encounter, a romance by David Lean, form 1945, while the projection of a classic among noir genre, called Sunset Blvd begins at 22:00. Pedja's Film Collection keeps gathering lots of visitors- lovers of film classics.

In the small hall of the Youth Theatre, beginning at 19:00, film projections from Up to 10.000 Bucks Selection follow, with a note that today, due to technical problems during the initial projection, Possessed (from the same selection) is to be shown. After that, Tres veces dos (at 21:00) and Video de familia (at 23:00) from Respect to Cuba selection follow.

The film program of Cinema City offers Arctic Tale from The Cool Kids Selection, at 16:00. We call the youngest audience to come with their parents to see this film.

Enjoy the sixth day of the Cinema City, International Film and New Media Festival. The whole city is a cinema!