18/06/2008 15:37

Film Program for June, the 18th

Today, in the program of Cinema City Festival, at Serbian National Theatre, we can see the first film form the Homage to South Korean Author Lee Chang-dong, called Chorok mulkogi, beginning at 15:30.

At 18:00, The Amazing Truth about Queen Raquela by Icelandic director Johannesson follows. Verbeek’s drama Shangai Trance is to be shown at 20:15, and domestic film directed by Milinkovi?, ?itulja za Eskobara, is planned for 22:30.

In Katolicka Porta, today program begins at 21:15 with Kristijan Mili?’s �ivi i mrtvi (Alive and Dead), followed by Dream of Life from Planet Rock Selection. It is portrait of Patti Smith, made during more than eleven years.

At 18:00, at Arena Cinema, Homage to Domestic Director �ivojin Pavlovi? continues with Crveno klasje, followed by El bufalo de la noche, directed by Aldana, form Exit Point Selection, at 20:00. At 22:00, another Lee Chang-dong’s film called Bakha Satang is to be projected.

The cinema in Dunavski Park opens at 21:15 with the rerun of Sita Sings the Blues from Animatrix Selection. It provoked excellent reaction of the audience at its premiere. 23:15 is the time for a classic horror from 1922, directed by F.W.Murnau - Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens.

In Mileticeva Street, the film projections begin at 21:15 with Animatrix, a film from the selection with the same name, followed by Shahida: Brides of Allah, a documentary by Natalie Assouline which drew lots of attention at the premiere projection. Come and see why.

In the big hall of the Youth Theatre, at 18:00, Ano una, by Jonas Cuaron is to be shown. After that, two classics from Pedja's Film Collection follow: Baisers Voles by François Truffauto and The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. The small hall shows five films of Up to 10.000 Bucks Selection, beginning at 19:00, after which, at 21:00, the projection of a documentary by Fernando Perez, called Suite Habana from Respect to Cuba Selection follows.

Today, at 16:00, we call the youngest audience to come to the Youth Theatre and see with their parents Duboko u šumi (Deep in the forest), from The Cool Kids Selection.

Enjoy the fifth day of the film program of Cinema City Festival. The whole city is a cinema!