18/06/2008 02:59

Film Program for June, 17

Today, in the program of Cinema City Film Festival, in Serbian National Theatre, beginning at 15:30, you can see a documentary by Deborah Scranton, called Bad Voodoo’s War.

At 18:00, Sweden horror called Låt den rätte komma in by Tomas Alfredson follows.

20:15 is the time for El bufalo de la noche by Aldan. At 22:30, black humor Norwegian comedy called Kunsten å tenke negativt by Bård Breien is to be shown.

In Katolicka Porta, after a huge success of Sita Sings the Blues, another film from Animatrix Selection, called Persepolis follows. It was directed by Vincent Paronnaud and Marjana Satrapi and it begins at 21:15. At 23:15, Verbeek’s creation from 2008, called Shangai Trance follows.

Arena Cinema begins its projections at 18:00 with Zaseda film, from the selection dedicated to �ivojin Pavlovi?. After that, a film with fantasy elements called La sangra iluminada, by Mexican director Ivan Avila Dueñas starts, and at 22:00, Homage to Lee Chang-dong Selection begins with Chorok mulkogi.

In the open-air cinema in Dunavski Park, beginning at 21:15, animated film Persepolis is to be shown, before a Columbian film by Carlos Moreno, called Perro Come Perro.

In Mileticeva Street, at 21:15, Lou Reed’s Berlin, from Planet Rock Selection, directed by Julian Schnabel is to be shown. At 23:15, a drama from Uganda, called Divizionz, directed by Donald Mugish follows.

In the big hall of the Youth Theatre, beginning at 18:00, a film about Pistols, called The Filth and the Fury is to be projected. After it, two films from Pedja's Film Collection follow: Welles’s Touch of Evil at 20:00, then, Le salaire de la peur by Clozout.

In the small hall, beginning at 19:00, three projections from Up to 10.000 Bucks Selection are planned, and then, Páginas del diario de Mauricio by Paredes of Respect to Cuba Selection.

Enjoy the fourth day of Cinema City film program. The whole city is a cinema.